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Thread: Forced to wean from BM

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    Thank you.

    I have slowly been dropping my pumping sessions and am down to 3x a day from 8-10x a day.

    I am only pumping enough milk to relieve the engorgement so roughly 3oz total from both breast and it seems to be working. Its depressing seeing my milk supply dwindle away I can already see a huge difference in my supply and its sad to have to stop.

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    cool if you need anything else let us know.

    If you want to talk we are hear to listen.

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    Good for you for continuing so long despite your medical condition. Keep reducing the pumpings slowly so you don't get a breast infection! And like lllshannon said, don't worry if you still have some drops of milk that come out on their own or are hand-expressed even a few months later. That's normal.

    Excellent that you did not stop cold turkey. Seriously. I'm sure it's hard, knowing you are stopping but continuing.
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