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Thread: Slow weight gain in new baby (adoptive nursed)

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    Default Slow weight gain in new baby (adoptive nursed)

    I need some advice quickly. My dh and I are adopting a baby girl who was placed with us 2 weeks ago as a newborn. I had planned to induce lactation, but because we had such short notice for the adoption, I didn't even have time to pump or prepare in any way. I just started nursing her with the lact-aid. At that time, I had no plans to use any herbs or meds either.

    She was 6 lb 2 oz at birth and 5 lb 11 oz when she left the hospital. She gained 7 oz the first week and was back to her birth weight. However, we took her for her 2 week checkup this past Friday and she had only gained 1 oz all week. The doctor is mildly concerned (but not freaking out or anything) and wants her weighed every week until she shows a steady pattern of gaining.

    So, I posted about this to an adoptive bf'ing email group, and two people have expressed strong concern that I need to switch to the bottle immediately until she gains some weight, and only then try to re-introduce breastfeeding. I really don't know what to do, because my own doctor didn't seem to feel quite that urgent about things. His attitude was more a matter of "let's watch this and make sure everything's OK". But these other people are saying things more along the lines of "you need to get your baby gaining immediately because babies that small can become seriously ill and lose ground really fast". I would really like to get a variety of opinions so I can decide what we should do.

    Sometimes dd nurses quickly and efficiently, but most of the time it seems like she either is sucking really hard but struggling to get much through that thin tube, or she is just sucking very lazily. I am just afraid that she is burning too much energy from the effort that it is taking her to get the supplement through the lact-aid tube. I have thought about getting a Medela SNS instead since it has wider tubing. That was my plan, until these others gave their opinions. Now I just don't know. I want to keep her at the breast, but I don't want to compromise her health in any way. I do plan to meet with a lactation consultant on Monday and get a professional opinion. Am I safe to keep nursing till Monday and ask the LC for her opinion, or should I really focus on getting as much formula into her as possible for now? Monday would also be the soonest I could get my hands on a SNS.

    I am making no milk of my own, so she is getting nothing other than what is coming through that tube. Producing milk will have to be my other focus in all this.

    P.S She seems to be having plenty of wet diapers, and poops about once a day. She is still very sleepy though.

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain in new baby (adoptive nursed)

    Wet diapers are a positive thing!!!! keep trying!!! Have you considered pumping and cup feeding the baby?

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain in new baby (adoptive nursed)

    Wait until the you go to the LC, if the pediatrician wasn't so concern I don't think it would do any harm. On the SNS, are you using the tube with the fastest flow? Try to get in contact with a LLL group or Leader in your area, even if they have no experience with induce lactation they might be of great support. She's having plenty diapers so I don't think you're starving her, just make sure you take her to all her appointments and keep close watch of her diapers, weight and any other changes, and keep re-evaluating your situation.

    I wish you all the best!

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