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Thread: Thrashing, restless 2.5 month old?

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    Default Thrashing, restless 2.5 month old?

    Hi, I'm new to these forums although I attend LLL meetings. But our next meeting isn't for a while and I'd love to get some input sooner!

    My 2.5 month old has recently started "thrashing around" while eating. He kicks his legs and uses his arms to flail and push at me. Sometimes this causes him to push off, pulling my nipple in the process (ouch). But he's not trying to stop eating-- when he actually does push himself off, he gets upset that he's not eating anymore. He's hungry, just incredibly fidgety.

    Is this what is meant by a distractible baby? This seems to happen lately no matter what else is (or isn't) going on around us.

    Any suggestions for what to try? Should I swaddle him to eat? (Seems tough to do every time, but maybe I could try for a day or so to see if he learns to calm down)? Is this a sign of something else?



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    Default Re: Thrashing, restless 2.5 month old?

    Oh my, I remember this with my LO. Actually he still does it sometimes just not as bad, lol.

    I think this is normal for many babies to go through if not all babies to some degree. A nursing necklace is a great tool to help your LO to calm down, concentrate on BFing and fidget with something other than your skin. I bought mine from here and it!

    Also do you think walking around and nursing might help him settle? Or nursing him in a sling maybe.

    Babies are so goofy, I don't know why they do this! It's like they get so excited they don't know what to do with themselves, Hope that helps!!

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    Default Re: Thrashing, restless 2.5 month old?

    So THAT's what nursing necklaces are for! Thanks mama, that may be just the thing! I just ordered one.

    In the meantime, I may try walking and nursing. How I wish I could get the hang of nursing in the sling or Moby!

    Thanks for the help!

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