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Thread: Falling alseep on the breast

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    Quote Originally Posted by clairemcmanus126 View Post
    I suppose I just want James to be able to settle himself off to sleep rather than depending on me to help him to do it, but if he's happy then I should just go with the flow really shouldn't I.
    I highly recommend reading Elizabeth Pantley's The No-Cry Sleep Solution. It's full of gentle ways to help your baby sleep longer and better and more independently without resorting to cry-it-out methods. The book specifically speaks to the problem of a baby who requires the breast to fall asleep- which, as the PP's have noted, should not be considered a problem with a very young baby but can become a problem with some older babies. Well, not so much a problem for the older baby, but for that baby's mom!

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    Well... I have no exact answer as to what is "right" and "wrong" here. Some people say not to let them fall asleep nursing. Me personally... I have let my lo fall asleep nursing for the most part. When he was newborn till about 2 months old I would try to gently wake him with a wet/cold washcloth so that he was getting enough milk. Once he hit about 2 - 3 months he would stay awake long enough to "empty" my breast. Then I would let him suckle himself to sleep. He's a very happy baby, and very healthy. In the 70th to 80th percentile of growth.

    My only problem with my lo now at 6 months old is that currently he is having trouble keeping himself asleep at night. He can't "soothe himself" back to sleep if he wakes. I have to constantly nurse him back to sleep.

    Other than that I have not had any negative issues with it. Hopefully someone can give you a more concrete answer!

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    The number one rule is follow babe's cues. When that fails, follow YOUR heart, mama! If it says its okay, pish posh to all the other stuff, kwim?

    I am right now in the middle of our 1 hour nighttime nursedown.

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    As the others have said you are doing nothing wrong. Your are doing exactly what your child wants and needs.
    I nursed my little one to sleep until she was just over two months. She now fall asleep nursing less, but she still needs to eat prior to falling asleep for the night. (Even if she has eaten within the last hour.) It is a comfort issue not a hunger issue.
    Now how I started to break her of it. I still give her the comfort of eating and as I see she is getting drowsy I take her off and burp her. Then put her in the crib while she is still drowsy. Sounds great right, well it worked for the first couple of days then all the sudden she started to cry everytime I put here in the crib. And yes I had to leave her cry. I set a 10 minute time limit. Sometimes I do not make it the ten minutes especially when she really starts to cry (trying to catch her breath and all). If she is especially uneasy I still nurse her to sleep. Yes it happens. trial and error right?

    She has also started to suck her thumb in order to fall asleep (self Soothing???) it works

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