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Thread: Solids and self Weaning...Help!!

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    Question Solids and self Weaning...Help!!

    Hi, my DS is 9 months yesterday and he weaning himself I am fearing!!
    I was nursing him every 3 hours along with solids 3x a day plus 2 snacks. Now he is barely nursing...I've tried nursing him when he wakes but he isn't really interested. He may nurse for a minute or two and then pop off, clap and smile and roll away.
    What should I do??
    Do I need to get ht pumped milk and give it to him in a cup? Will he need the breastmilk anymore or are solids enough?
    I am so upset by this, I planned to wean him at 1 to 3x a day, but not this early.
    Please help...

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    Default Re: Solids and self Weaning...Help!!

    Are you nursing him before he eats? That might help. Also, you might try cutting back on the number of times/day you offer him solids.

    It is possible that he is just getting really efficient at getting the milk out and nursing faster because of it. Do you feel full or engorged at all? Do your breasts feel empty after he nurses?
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    Default Re: Solids and self Weaning...Help!!

    That sounds to me like a lot more solid foods than a nine month old typically needs. What are some typical meals/snacks your baby is eating? How much food is it? Breastmilk is still supposed to be your baby's primary source of nutrition during the full first year of life. If his belly is full of solid foods almost all the time, there won't be much room left for breastmilk.

    I would suggest cutting back on the solids and nursing more often. Definitely nurse baby before every solid food meal. HTH.

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    Default Re: Solids and self Weaning...Help!!

    I am engorged, so I know he is not getting as much. A day total he will eat. 1/2 full size yogurt, a piece of fruit, handful of cheerios, couple slices of american cheese, a handful of corn/carrot and pea mix.
    He is 19 pounds, not sure if that is a lot for his age??
    I usually offer him the breast every 3 hours but lately he is not interested.
    I will cut back on the solids.
    Thanks again!!

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