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Thread: Pumping at work will be difficult

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    Question Pumping at work will be difficult

    I am anticipating having problems pumping at work. The nature of my job some days does not allow for breaks (eg. surgery, carefully timed lab work ect.) and I also don't really have a private place to go (this I may be able to work out most days). I will be working 4, 8hr days (6am - 2pm). This includes my 2hr daily commute so really I will only be at work 6hrs and thus will not have a lunch break.

    My question is this....As long as I'm pumping enough while I'm at home to feed DS when I'm away I shouldn't hurt my supply right? Or is it really important that I try and pump at the same time I would nurse DS if I were home? I am not saying that I won't ever get to pump at work, it just won't be consistent or often. That's just the reality.

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    I think it will hurt your supply to go long stretches without removing milk. One thing that's helped me is to get extra parts for the pump so I don't have to washt them after each use.

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    Yes, you will still be able to nurse your baby while you're together. Take every opportunity to pump. I'd also be looking out for plugged ducts and engorgement, and have a plan in place to deal with them. Can you duck into the bathroom and handexpress a few ounces, just to relieve the pressure? Even if you don't end up saving it for baby, you'll hopefully be avoiding health issues of your own.

    There are lots of mothers who don't pump at work, yet nurse baby on demand evenings and weekends, and do just fine. The human body is an amazing thing!
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    I just wanted to add that while I can pump frequently at work (every 2 hrs!) I can only get an ounce or so at a time-I am one of those lucky women who just don't agree with pumps! I was so worried it would hurt my supply while at home, but it hasn't!

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