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Thread: going 3.5-4hrs

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    hi my son is 8 m and its been a challenging feeding him cause he thinks there are better things to do! =) and he may eat for maybe 3-5mins and then wants too play and thats after almost 3 1/2 hrs! is it ok he goes that long between feedings? he is getting soilds 1-2x a day only after he eats! d o i need to try harder to get him to eat or just let it be. he is healthy n happy and growing well! also i think he constipated any tips? he has plenty of wet diapers. ok tia

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    I don't have any advice on the frequency of eating since my 7month old DS is doing the same thing. For the constipation, if you are feeding cereal, I would stop that for a while.. Also bananas and applesauce also can cause constipation. Pears (as well as any other "p" fruit such as prunes or peaches) and avocado are both good for relieving constipation. HTH and good luck!

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