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Thread: resenting son and bf'ing

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    I recall things settling down around three months (he was born a little bigger than yours is now, so size has nothing to do with frequency of nursing, IMHO). Around then, my son would actually let me put him down in a play gym thing my mom had given us or would watch his mobile (the only time he would spend in his crib) and let me go brush my teeth or put some makeup on The feedings spread out too from every hour on the hour 24 hours a day to something more reasonable. Like I said on the other thread, if we considered the first three months of life the last three months of gestation, it would put things in a different perspective. It goes, just as pregnancy does, and before we know it, those little babies don't really need us anymore!

    Hang in there. It does get better. Getting out of the house to the gym is a great idea. I also found that I could take the baby by myself to the mall or something -- even just a store -- and just walk around during the day if I really felt like the walls were closing in.

    I hated the Bjorn. Hurt my back. A sling was a much better option for us. So I'd second looking into one.
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    I can certainly sympathize- my daughter is now a bit over 5 months- she's still getting up every 3-4 hours at night, and has never been a good sleeper at all. I tends to pile up on you after a while, and even though I firmly believe in BF babies, I too had considered weaning her to formula completely. However, after much debate with myself, I deceided not to. I do supplement 2 bottles of formula a day-and that little break has helped me tremendously. I feel like my body is for me during those times, which is nice. I hope to continue to BF her as long as I did my son, which was about a year.
    Keep your chin up, and just try to take it day by day.

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    I totally know how you feel about being crazy from staying in the house all day long. It gets so boring and is mentally exhausting with a nursing, fussing baby. What really helped me in the early days was just getting out and walking around the mall. It nice and cool with stuff to look at and benches for nursing. And don't feel weird if you need pillows or a boppy or whatever to nurse comfortably. I took it all in the stroller and just sat there.
    Good Luck.

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