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Thread: Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

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    Angry Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

    Okay, if you're easily grossed out, don't read this!

    I have been having a nipple issue for months now--I'm an exclusive pumper, and I have a lot of pain and discomfort while pumping (I've changed settings to no avail), lots of redness in teh general area, and white tips on my nipples. Also, when I finish pumping I notice angry red bumps on my nipples. I have seen the OB, who said it was yeast and put me on Diflucan for 4 weeks (didn't work), so then I saw a dermatologist who said it was dermatitis and put me on a steroid ointment (also didn't work), so I finally went to see a local lactation consultant, who said it was an infection (white tips are actually pus!), and put me on antibiotics, a compounded topical and salt water soaks. She said I should start to improve quickly, but it's been 5 days and I've seen no improvement. She's really stumped and so am I. DD is only 4 months old and I really want to continue bf. Has anyone ever seen ANYTHING like this????


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    You might try applying lanolin to your nipples and areolas before pumping. I pumped occasionally to try to give my DD a bottle (never would take one) and found that that helped me a lot.

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    Default Re: Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

    Do the breastshields on your pump fit properly? You can find out here:

    The white tips sound like blebs (milk blisters). The saline soaks followed by pumping should help to release them. If not, you may consider seeking the advice of your doctor or other health care professional.
    Another less common cause of nipple discomfort is a bleb, a smooth, shiny, white dot found at the nipple's tip, usually at the opening of a duct (Lawrence 1999). Sometimes a white, clear, or yellow milk blister appears on the nipple or areola causing soreness during a feeding. Warm compresses and frequent nursing are the keys to overcoming this obstacle.
    You can read more about blebs here:
    http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplebleb.html (NOT a LLL resource)

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    Default Re: Possible RAGING infection--has anyone ever seen this?

    I have just gone through a rough experience myself. One of the Lactation Consultants that I spoke to turned me onto this wonderful but very messy solution. It is called Gentian Violet. It is very very messy. You can read about it and other helpful remedies on breastfeeingonline.com. I believe this is discussed under the Thrush/Yeast tab. I used it for 24 hours and started to see a great deal of improvement. I am not totally fixed but at least I can nurse w/o wincing in pain.
    Good Luck

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