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Thread: Nursing Strike

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    Default Nursing Strike

    Has anyone gone through nursing strike?
    What trick did you use to get the baby back on breast? Is there any miracle that gets the baby back on routine? My baby is 2 months old and she suddenly started refusing breast feeding, I feel emotionally so bad

    pls help...

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    my lo did this around 4 months. I just kept trying. She would eat when she had just woken up or was getting close to waking, so I would feed her then. Also try feeding her in her sleep- that may help a bit. I ended up getting a nursing necklace and it helped a bit... not as much as I would have hoped, but it gives her something to look at/ playwith while she eats now.
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    Any luck? I hope that things have worked themselves out ... but if you are still having difficulty, I would do a search on the forum for nursing strike. I did that in addition to posting my own questions, and the advice that was already out there on the forum was overwhelming and helpful.

    Hoping that she is back to the breast!

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