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Thread: introduction of milk, at what age?

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    Default introduction of milk, at what age?

    Hi. When did you introduce milk into your lo's diet? My son is 11 months old and I'd like to add just a bit of milk, maybe a tablespoon, to his oatmeal. I would add breast milk, but I recently lost my pump. so, in the case that I can't get it out by hand, could I use regular milk at this age?

    Also, when did you start introducing it in a sippy?
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    Default Re: introduction of milk, at what age?

    Whole cow milk can be introduced at 1 year old. But if you put only a little bit, I think you can start now. My baby is almost 1 year and I plan to add cow milk in his egg to solften it.

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    Default Re: introduction of milk, at what age?

    with PP about milk.

    We added a sippy cup at about 6 months. She is 8 months now and she is still just playing with it, getting a little water out of it once in a while. We use the nuby kind.

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    Default Re: introduction of milk, at what age?

    If you're still nursing there's no need to intro it yet Heres a resource that may help you.

    Introducing a sippy now with some water is a good idea - he'll get the hang if it soon
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    Default Re: introduction of milk, at what age?

    we intro. a cup w/ straw at 6 mo. for water and she drinks out of it well.
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