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Thread: Virus in a Breastfed Newborn?

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    Default Virus in a Breastfed Newborn?

    Hi - I'm just wondering if it is possible for a newborn who is exclusively breastfed to contract a virus? I had always thought that they were immune for the first 6 weeks and that the breastmilk thereafter would protect them as well?

    The reason I ask is that my 7 week old has been having green mucousy smelly nappies for the past two weeks. I started thinking that it might be because I had eaten wheat and have read that the proteins can transfer into the breastmilk (I'm sensitive to gluten myself so there is an increased risk that my ds is). However, I posted on another forum where one of the answering 'experts' suggested that its more than likely a virus. My two other children did have a really bad vomitting/diarrehea bug just prior to my ds started with the green nappies.

    Any info would be a great help. Many thanks

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    Default Re: Virus in a Breastfed Newborn?

    Green diapers can be indicative of a few things... virus is one of them, as is a reaction to something in moms diet that isn't working well with baby's system, and then it could be nothing... OR then it could be an imbalance of foremilk and hindmilk... so there's many viable things it could be. But the mucous makes me think sensitivity to something in your diet...

    Babies do have a better chance of warding off things when they're nursing, and especailly in the early days but nothing isfoolproof... (here's more about that here and here )

    Is there a lot of dairy in your diet as well??
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    Default Re: Virus in a Breastfed Newborn?

    We also had this problem. Does it have what looks like pieces of spinach in it, or is it just green? My LO was having a problem with weight gain at the same time he had green mucousy poop with the pieces of stuff in it. After that ended he had green mucousy poop only when I eat dairy.

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