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Thread: Tips for surviving my first trip away from LO

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    Default Tips for surviving my first trip away from LO

    I know there are plenty of mommies out there who travel for work. How do you do it?! Thankfully, my job requires little travel and what travel there is is voluntary/professional development. I had to travel back in February but DH was on vacation from work so he and DD came along with. Now I will be gone 3 days/2 nights starting tomorrow and I'm just really bummed about it. I'm not worried about milk/supply. I have quite the freezer stash plus a good stock of fresh and DD takes bottles at daycare so that's all good. And DH is a great dad and quite competent, so I'm not worried about his ability to take care of her. I'm just having the "leaving my baby blues." She wakes 2-3x's a night and is usually only comforted by some boob. The thought of her needing me and crying in DH's arms breaks my heart. Plus I'll just miss her cute face, her funny babbles, and her smell. I keep telling myself that we will all survive. That it'll be nice to be my old self (pre-baby) for 3 days and perhaps even sleep through the night for 2 nights. And that she's only 10 mos and won't remember that I was gone. But I keep getting the feeling of mommy guilt in the pit of my stomach and thinking up excuses for backing out of going.
    Dads travel for work a heck of a lot more than moms without any problems. Why don't guys get the same kinda guilt?!!! It's so not fair!
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    Default Re: Tips for surviving my first trip away from LO

    Sorry to hear you have the blues. I'm glad that you have dh to take good care of dd. Have fun and enjoy yourself since you have to be away.
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    Default Re: Tips for surviving my first trip away from LO

    its great you dont have to worry about your supply/stash and that dd takes bottles well and that dh is such a good daddy. try to focus on the possitives. and dd and daddy will have special bonding time together.

    about the mommy guilt... daddies may not get the "mommy" guilt but they also dont get the special bf bond that mommies have with their LOs.

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