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Thread: BLS: one food per week?

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    Default BLS: one food per week?

    I want to follow the one food per week guideline to watch for allergic/ intolerance response. But what if baby doesn't like what we've given him? We've tried pear two days in a row now, and he wants nothing to do with it. So do I need to wait five more days before we try something else? Does there need to be many consecutive exposures to a food in order to elicit an adverse response if there's going to be one? Anybody have any info about this?

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    I waited 3-4 days inbetween each new food...i figured if they are going to have a reaction, it will be right away or def within 3-4 days! I say reintroduce that food later on and move onto another food 3-4 days after trying it

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    What do you mean doesn't like it?
    Often for the 1st FEW attempts will be met with behavior that shows no interest in food. This generally is a sign is not ready. Rather than try to move onto a different food, I'd simply put it a way altogether and try again in a week. That way you are using the allergy guideline, and keeping it a no pressure situation for both of you.

    If a child won't pick the food up and taste it, if it goes everywhere but their mouth, or if they simply taste it and then won't taste again, these are all signs that they simply are not ready for food.
    We started trying with DJ in the beginning of June. It wasn't until July 4th when he actually put something in his mouth and then put it back in his mouth again. It was out fifth attempt I believe. We had failed attempts with avacado, banana and sweet potatoes. The banana got rubbed all over his body but not put in his mouth the 1st time. A week later he tasted it and wouldn't taste it again. Sweet potatoes he wouldn't even try and Avacados also got rubbed everywhere. At a time when EVERYTHING was getting put in his mouth, these were clear signs he wasn't ready. We simply tried again a week later until he found watermelon.
    Just try again next week.

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    Default Re: BLS: one food per week?

    I'm wondering if maybe it is that he's not ready to eat. He wants to put everything in his mouth, but he absolutely won't put the pear back in his mouth after he gets the first taste. When I tried again later the same day, he took one look at the pear, picked it up, and gave shiver and wince, without even trying it! It was actually pretty funny. That's why I thought he didn't like it. We tried avocado over a week ago, which he gave a pretty mediocre response to. So we'll wait. That's why they call it BABY led solids, right?

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