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Thread: Veggies First??

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    Default Veggies First??

    I was told not to introduce fruits first because they are sweet and then LO won't like the veggies because they are not. I was wondering if that is true or does it really matter what you introduce first?
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    I was told the same thing and that's what I did with Ally. I am happy to report that she chooses tomatoes, zucchini, green beans and broccoli over anything sweet. BUT I have no idea if it has anything to do with the order of the foods we introduced her to.

    We've only given Katy applesauce at this point, but I'll be interested to see how her tastes develop.

    ETA: I have a hunch it comes down to personal preference rather than what LO's are given first.
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    i read that a couple places and other places i have read that it does not matter. i started with green beans to be on the safe side then i added a fruit..... my lo is 9 months now and she eats anything i give her doesnt matter if it is sweet or not. the only thing she wont eat is broccoli

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    We did fruits before veggies and DD loves everything. Several sources have indicated that BM is sweet, so our LOs are already used to having sweet. I think we did banana first, followed by avocado (both mashed with a little BM).
    These are some great resources:
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    We were told that, too, by the nurse at our pediatrician's office, but it never made sense to me; my son was used to breast milk only, which is sweet, so I couldn't see how fruits vs vegetables would make much difference (he likes both).

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