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Thread: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

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    Default Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    I completely know what you are going through! I was right where you are only a few short weeks ago. What worked best for the painful and sore nipples was no creams and just wearing a t-shirt, no bra, no pads, no nothing. It was a little gross, and certainly wet, but my nipples felt so much better after a few days! Let me tell you, I went through so many shirts that I had to dig into my husband's as well.

    Eventually I could manage a bra and some good pads or a big beach towel at night to protect our sheets and mattress. I really like Lansinoh's Extra Soft nursing pads. Make sure you have a bra that can be comfortable even when you are engorged. Mine were too tight and that caused extra pain for my nipples and the pressure was awful.

    Hope this helps!! Your body will chill out soon and it will all be so much better!!
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    Default Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    I'm not so sure myself that it is too early for block feeding. You seem to be making a lot of milk. Some of your engorgement may subside after your baby has her 7-10 day growth spurt, and nurses very often for two days or so. On the other hand, if the frequent nursing makes your breasts rebound with way too much milk, the block feeding will be a way to manage that.

    It is certainly a good idea to take some milk out just to soften the areola for the baby to latch more easily and not have to chew her way on. One long-time breastfeeding expert directed moms to press on the areola next to the nipple, with a finger, to see if hand expression or pumping was necessary to let the baby latch comfortably: if the areola feels as firm as the end of your nose when you press on it, take out some milk. If it feels as soft as your earlob, you don't need to.

    When you block feed, it's important at first to take a little milk out of the breast not being nursed on, just enough for comfort. Hand expression may take out just a little, without stimulating so much more. If you are very experienced at pumping, when you pump you may get a huge response. Did you know that it's common for women to make more milk for a second baby, btw?
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    Default Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    You've gotten good advice re: the oversupply and engorgement. You are still early, early days at this .. . It will get better.

    I have been where you are. . . twice. I also seem to make a lot of milk, get sore nipples even with a great latch, get engorged, all that jazz. It's a pain now, but eventually, you will be grateful. You'll be able to feed your baby in about 5 minutes, where it may take your friends 20

    Regarding the leaking .. . with my first child, I leaked NONSTOP for the first two months. I changed nursing pads at every feeding, since he nursed every hour, and slept on multiple layers of toweling. Then it slowed to just leaking at each feeding. That went on for about the first year or so, even with block feeding and everything I tried. But it does become manageable. I spent a small fortune on nursing pads then, not knowing about good cloth ones, and found, for me, the Lansinoh ones worked the best.

    Besides, right now, you should NOT be going out. You should be at home resting and feeding that baby . Who cares if you leak at home??? (funny story here .. . I was nursing the second baby sometime in the first 6 weeks, and my older child walked by just as I had a let down . .. and sprayed him He laughed and asked me to spray him again!)

    After your supply is well balanced out, you can press your arm, hand, whatever, against the opposite side to help reduce the flow as you nurse. I don't do this early on, as I seem to always get a blocked duct if I try it before my supply is evened out.

    For my second, I used premium sized diaper store quality cloth diapers to catch the heavy leakage for the first few weeks. Wool nursing pads made a huge difference in the soreness and the blocked ducts I always seem to get too (side effect, for me, of making a vast amount of milk).

    I found things evened out a lot faster the second time around, and I hope that turns out to be the case for you. I only needed nursing pads for about 9-10 months with my second baby.
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    Default Re: need advice: leaky, sore nipples, engorgement, etc.

    I am so glad I found this and other articles om this issue. My little one is going on 4 weeks. My problem is engorgement of the right side only. It leaks all day. Today I did all feedings on the left, only switching to the right twice when baby was still hungry and the left was totally empty. As of right now the right feels so much better and for the first time in days isn't leaking. I'm airing my nipples out because I didn't realize I could get thrush from them staying wet for so long. Thank you all for the help and advice here.

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