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Thread: Which Sippy Cup

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    Question Which Sippy Cup

    Is there a certain sippy cup that is good for BF babies? I have one now and DS LOVES it, but he chocks every time he uses it. I even have it on slow flow.

    BTW: He still doesn't want anything to do with solids, but loves his sippy cup.
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    Default Re: Which Sippy Cup

    If he likes his sippy try the gerber kind...it's been my son's favorite and he didn't really start using it until 14 months since he preferred the juice box kind that comes with a straw.
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    Smile Re: Which Sippy Cup

    my lo loves the nuby ones ( with and without straw) from walmart. she chokes less on the straw but doesnt get as much as the regular kind. She seems to always take too much in her mouth and then spit out most of it like a fountain!
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    Default Re: Which Sippy Cup

    My son likes his Nuby with soft spout and double handles.

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