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Thread: refusing the bottle

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    Default refusing the bottle

    Probably someone has already posted this, but I am having some problems lately with dd refusing the bottle. She is 14 weeks old and has never refused the bottle up until this week.

    My husband has given her the bottle 1 to 3x a week. My MIL gave her the bottle before but this time she refused with her. I know she was very upset with MIL since I went away for a few hours. Well my husband tried to give her the bottle today and she refused with him. Not sure what is going on here. Maybe she is associating the bottle with being upset with MIL?

    What can I do to get her to take the bottle?


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    Default Re: refusing the bottle

    I had the same problem with my son......He took it fine in the beginning, but all of a sudden, he refused, around 3-4 months. He's now 10 months old, and still won't take a bottle. I've sought out advice from many, including this board, and the advice I keep getting is to keep trying, keep trying. It will probably be easier to try to get your child to take it now than be in my shoes now.

    When we were successful with bottle feeds, the breastmilk had to be almost warmer than body temperature. Try a different style nipple/bottle maybe?

    Keep trying. I know it's trying, even though you're not there, you feel bad about leaving a testy child with someone else.

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