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Thread: Is this true?!

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    Default Is this true?!

    I told my sister in law today that my almost 7 mo old dd does not want to eat solids. She said that people are finding the delay to 6 mo is too late to start solids and so many babies refuse to eat.

    She said that it is more ideal to start them at a younger age because they get too picky as they get more mature. Is this true?! My son took to solids great at 6 mo.

    Has anyone heard this before?

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    Not from what I know. I think that 6mos is when their gut is actually ready and closed and the best "average" age to start solids. I wouldn't worry about what SIL says, she can start her kids when she feels it's right, but you're fine waiting until at least 6 mos.
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    Sounds like utter hogwash to me.

    I don't believe their digestive system is mature enough to handle solids before 6 months.

    And no, my DD isn't a picky eater, unless you think her choosing fruit above her other food first is picky. She's a "fruit-a-holic".
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    Totally untrue. Their digestive systems are not developed enough until 6 months. Starting early can lead to allergies and gut problems. Its okay for your child to refuse solids, even at 7 months. Solids are only for experimentation before 12 months. Your breastmilk is all your DD needs. Just keep following her lead.
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    Talking Re: Is this true?!

    The trouble with other people who are 'new' to this starting solids at 6mths thing. Is that they except a food virgin 6 mth old baby to be eating like a 6 mth old baby who had started eating 2 months earlier (at 4 mths)!

    Other people (especially family) had commented to me about my daughter's eating as well, something like "Gosh? Shouldn't she be eating 3 meals a day? And, look she can't hardly eat and swallow properly!" I replied, "Well, that's b/c she's only started eating 3 weeks ago! You can't suddenly shove down 3 meals a day on her!"

    People don't understand and I guess your SIL made a classic mistake and had put 2 and 3 together to make 4! And convinced herself after witnessing your DD eating that b/c your DD isn't an 'expert looking eater' acting like a classic baby that had already started solids 2 mths age. And your SIL then suddenly decided that's b/c 'you left it to late'. Where else the reality is your DD had only started to learn to eat a short time ago!
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    Not at all! It is completely dependent on the baby's personality. Some babies get very interested in them and even refuse BM afterwards and some refuse solids even if you introduce them early on. Plus, they don't need solids until 1 year anyway so why do people get all revved up about making them get interested quickly when (scientific research indicates that) their bodies are not ready for solids until at least 6 months? This I don't understand???

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    I would ask your SIL what studies she read to support her (ridiculous) argument because there is no shortage of scientific proof that indicates otherwise (waiting until at least six months.....
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    Not true. My DD1 did not start solids until 8 or 9 mos. and has the most diversified palate if I do say so myself.

    DD2 dabbled with solids after 6 mos. not really getting interested until a little later and will eat anything she can get her chunky hands on.
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