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Thread: Nursing and Doula Work

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    I stay home with my daughter who just turned a year old, so I nurse her about 5 times a day (mostly before and after she sleeps). I am studying to become a birth doula and so I anticipate being gone about once a month, for anywhere from 8 hours to 30+ hours. When she was tiny, I pumped milk and my husband gave her bottles, but we stopped doing that awhile ago and so I don't pump anymore and she doesn't take bottles. I am not sure how to prepare for and handle the separations that will come about when I am at a birth. Since she is over a year old, I don't know whether I need to pump while I'm gone, or how frequently. And I'm not sure what liquid should be given to her while I'm gone. She has never had cow milk though she does eat yogurt, and she drinks water from a cup but not large volumes (though maybe she would drink more if I was away?). I am also worried about the emotional aspects since I have never been away from her this long; I don't know how she will react. I imagine I should start now trying to be away from her during some feedings and begin to experiment with different things and see how it goes. But if anyone has been through similar circumstances and could offer suggestions as to how to approach this, I would appreciate it! Thank you!

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    I'd remove milk at least three times in 24 hours to maintain your milk supply. More is better, the closer you mimic her schedule the better.

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    i just wanted to say that is wonderful that you are training to be a birth doula,
    i want to do that soon!

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