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Thread: Rejecting solids - teething??

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    Default Rejecting solids - teething??

    Hey everybody,
    DD is almost 9 months old and already has her two front teeth both on top and bottom.
    Yesterday she started rejecting most solids I offer her (even her faves like pears and mango.)
    Today she rejected everything but prunes.
    This is also coinciding with her having a runny nose (clear discharge) and watery eyes (today only.)
    She's not sneezing but she is irritable today and slept more than usual during her naps.
    Anyone think this is teething related?
    Is is possible it's seasonal allergies? (DH suffers terribly from those and is having a hard time right now.)
    We didn't really have the food rejection or the watery eyes when she was teething before, but don't know if these things can change?
    If it continues tomorrow we're going to check in with her ped, but my overall sense if that she's not sick. (No fever.)
    Thanks in advance!
    and lots of cloth diapers!

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    Default Re: Rejecting solids - teething??

    We have been dealing with the same issues. Our LO does have a cold. We had it going around my daycare, so I knew that that is what the runny nose and coughing was about.

    I would give it a few days. Our LO has gone as long as 5 days rejecting solids when something has been bothering her. She has been working on her two top teeth for a while and every once in a while she will just stop wanting solids.

    I so hope your LO feels back to normal soon. So sad when we can do nothing to help them!!
    All I do is
    But I could not be happier!!

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    Default Re: Rejecting solids - teething??

    Hi, Just wanted to say my lo went thru a stage like that around 9-12 months. Some days she loved solids and others she wanted nothing to do with them. I really didnt push the issue and now at 13 months she does much better. I just followed her cues and tried not to force the issue much. When my lo was teething she definally didnt want much solids. Just keep offering. Hang in there!
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    Default Re: Rejecting solids - teething??

    Same thing here too. My LO has a bit of a cold (from daycare too) and is getting two top teeth. He only nursed well about 4 times today and has been refusing solids for about 3 days now. Sleeping longer too which is unusual. It's ok.

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    Thanks! She is actually doing better today, so we're not as worried.
    I am going to trust my gut instinct, which is it's all teething related.
    I just get myself a little stressed with the what if's sometimes, you know?!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!
    and lots of cloth diapers!

    Estela Kimberly, born August 31, 2007 and Sasha Julia, born September 3, 2010

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