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Thread: Breastflow or Adiri?

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    Default Breastflow or Adiri?

    Which one do you think is the best bottle for trying to wean back to the breast from normal bottles.

    We are currently using Dr Browns slow flow for my 8 week old son who I am about to start trying to relactate for.

    He tries to latch to my boob but has mostly forgotten how so just licks and fusses and we think he originally refused the breast because the bottle was easier.

    Considering the above I was thinking the Breastflow would be best as he does not have an aversion to the breast but just doesn't know how to suckle which it sound like the breastflow bottles would try and reteach him?

    Thanks in advance.

    April xx

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    Default Re: Breastflow or Adiri?

    Hi ,

    I'm glad you found this forum. There have been many successful relactating mothers posting here, and I'm sure some of them will share their experiences with you. In the meantime, try searching this forums archives. There have been discussions about the bottles you are considering on this board in the not-too-distant past.

    Check out our sticky at the top of this forum, too, for more information and great articles to help get you started!


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