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Thread: Seems like OALD

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    Smile Seems like OALD

    Hi- I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestions about OALD and report that it does seem like OALD- I put Henry in an upright position and he is nursing better. It's hard in the night because of the special position it really jostles him awake, but he was awakening anyway because he was crying.
    I went through this in the past and I thought our issues had resolved because I wasn't engorged anymore and I thought since he was older he was able to handle the faster flow a bit better- in fact I've thought recently it was too slow!
    So....I haven't quit and I ordered the Adiri bottles as someone suggested- thanks for all of the advice.

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    Default Re: Seems like OALD

    that's awesome! great job mama!! henry is lucky to have such a tenatious and strong mom.

    [ j ]

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