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Thread: one side is not producing enough, need help asap!!!!

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    Question one side is not producing enough, need help asap!!!!

    My daughter is 13 days old and I've been doing great with breastfeeding up until 2 days ago. My right breast is barely producing any milk but my left is producing the right amount. I've tried massaging, a warm compress, pumping, feeding her on the right side first but she gets fussy and cries. My right feels normal and small like before i got pregnant. If its not a plugged duck what could be the problem? How can I produce more? Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I've spoken to my doctor and the hospitals lactation specialist but still nothing. I need help pleassssse

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    Default Re: one side is not producing enough, need help asap!!!!

    It's often normal for one breast to be larger than the other, or to produce more than the other. That being said, there are things you can try to improve the milk production on the "smaller" side.
    *Feed on the small side first (try breast compressions to keep baby interested:http://www.kellymom.com/newman/15bre...mpression.html )
    *Consider nursing on the small side twice as often as normal
    *Consider pumping/hand expressing the small side for 5-10 mins after feedings
    *Add extra pumping/hand expressing between feedings on the small side
    *These measures may only be needed short term, until the smaller side "catches up".

    Here's a helpful resource:
    http://www.home.kellymom.net/bf/conc.../lopsided.html (includes tips for encouraging baby to nurse longer on the small side)


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