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Thread: Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

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    Default Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

    Hi! I am new here and have a question. My baby was born 16 days ago via c-section. He was 7lbs. 9.6oz. He was discharged from the hospital at 6lbs 15oz. I am not sure how low his weight got since it took a while for my milk to come in. At his one week appointment he weighed 7lbs and at his two week 7lbs 3.5oz. The doctor suggested for me to supplement 6oz of formula a day. He has had a bottle 3 times and only took 1oz each time. He gets choked on the bottle and spits up most of it afterwards. We have another appointment on Wednesday and I haven't really done what the doctor said. I don't really want to supplement and feel my milk supply is fine. He has plenty of wet diapers (at least 6-8) and bm's (after almost every feeding). He eats about 11 times in a 24 hour period. Any suggestions or ideas? Should I supplement? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

    I wouldn't. My dd is also a slow gainer, she is now over 5 months old and only 10lb 8.5oz. She is sitting up already and gets herself from her belly into a sitting position...she has been growing well developmentally. If your baby is having adequate output, I wouldn't worry...you know hes getting enough.
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    Default Re: Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

    i agree w/ the pp- i wouldn't supplement. some babies are slower to gain but as long as output is good i would be confident he is getting enough.

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by HollyK
    At his one week appointment he weighed 7lbs and at his two week 7lbs 3.5oz
    Normal growth for a newborn is a half ounce to an ounce each day. Sounds like he gained a half ounce per day between weeks one and two... on the lower end of the norm, but still normal!

    IMO, the diapers tell the tale. Some peds are SO quick to mention formula, but each formula feeding is one less chance for you to BF. That's how so many moms end up losing their supply -- you need to BF more often, not less often, when there is a question about having enough!

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain-To supplement or not?

    I would not supplement. It will only hurt your supply. Your lo was almost back up to bw by the 2 wk visit.
    I also have a slow weight gain baby, I listened to the pedi and supplemented. It did nothing but interfere with my milk supply. After 2 days of ds not drinking more than 1 oz of formula each time I decided it was not doing us any good. I stopped and ds is doing just fine. He is 7 mo weighs 12 lb and some change, but he is VERY happy and is doing everything on time or early.
    Since you are still in the early weeks of bf, I would not supplement. If you are concerned your lo is not getting enough, try pumping afterwards and then offer that to your lo. I would just continue to offer the breast every 2 hours or so..
    Keep it up, your doing great.

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