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Thread: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

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    Default Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    DD is 6 weeks old and just started nursing. I tried her at every feed for 6 weeks and at week 5 it finally took. I was EP up till then so she got bottled breast milk.

    When DD feeds off me she is never satisfied. She spends 20-30 mins on EACH breast, hanging out, sleeping, pacifying, eating, etc...

    She unlatches or I unlatch her if she is asleep. I burp her, sometimes change her, and then offer her more. She will refuse more and act asleep. She will stay that way until I move at which point she is frantic and starving.

    She is never satisfied after nursing off me, despite the amount of time she spends on each side. What can I do?

    I do not think it is a supply issue. I can pump total, 4+ oz in 20 mins.

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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    my son does the same thing as of late! he used to eat and then fall asleep and stay that way for a few hours but now he eats, closes his eyes, stops eating, falls of the breast...AND THEN WAKES UP!!! it is very frustrating...last night I fed him from both breasts twice...I thought I had run out of milk! my son is 5.5 weeks old and I have read that this is a time of growth spurting so I think your baby and mine are just going through a spike in hunger and this too shall pass!!! At least I hope so!

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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    Sounds like what could be called typical behaviour . See thttp://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.htmlhis link for some additional info that may help
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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    Sounds normal. Chances are your LO is just pacifying and IS satisfied she just wants to comfort suck.

    This is what (and still does) work for me

    I swaddle, and let him nurse to sleep and then I slowly put him in his swing/my bed or his crib. He sleeps longer in the swing, though.

    Are you still swaddling? Before that, he would wake up and cry if I put him down. I thought it was because he was hungry or because he wasn't eating enough and instead just sleeping. I finally figured out that he was just pacifying so after he stops sucking I wait about 10 minutes and then put him down. It has worked great for me.

    Hope that helps ya!
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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    I think once you put him down or unlatch him, he knows you are gone and wakes up. Either this or he is hitting a growth spurt. Hang in there!
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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    Just to rule out hunger, I would try breast compression first. Maybe your lo is falling asleep because the flow is very slow compared to a bottle or just going through a growth spurt and boosting your supply. If your lo pulls off during compression then thats a sign that they are probably full so then offer a pinky or pacifier or use whatever techniques you do for comfort.
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    Default Re: Baby not satisfied after nursing - HELP!

    If you're worried your baby is fussy b/c she is still hungry after feedings, it sounds to me like you are worried she may not getting enough.

    One easy way to tell if baby is getting enough is to count her diapers.

    The rule of thumb is 6-8 wet diapers and a scoop of poop a day, which could be in 2 diapers or spread out over 4 diapers. If she gains about 6-8 ounces in a week, she's doing fine, and you can feel confident she is getting enough. (Some moms weigh baby on the same scale in just a diaper at the beginning and end of a week, either at the doctor's or a lactation concultant's. That can alleviate fears baby is getting what she needs from mama.)

    There are other reasons for baby to fuss, like being too hot or cold or when she makes a diaper or when she needs to make a diaper. Babies fuss for lots of reasons, and if her "output" is on track, then it is something besides the breastfeeding. Like others mentioned, swaddling helps some babies stay calm, others like slow movement like being carried in a soft baby carrier (sling) or a baby swing.

    Learning to understand what baby needs when she cries can be very emotion filled. Hang in there, it's par for the course, and you're figuring it all out!

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