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Thread: delaying solids till 1 year

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    Question delaying solids till 1 year

    I heard somewhere that it is okay to delay introducing solids till one year and solely breastfeed. Is this true?

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    Default Re: delaying solids till 1 year

    My pediatrician told me that, up until the age of 1 year, solids are only for experimentation with new tastes, textures, and oral motor skills. Up to the age of 1 year, breastmilk provides sufficient nutrition to meet your baby's needs- though my pediatrician does recommend vitamin drops for exclusively breastfed babies.

    In short, I think it's okay to delay until 1 year... But ask yourself if you really want to, and watch your baby's cues. If s/he's reaching for solids and eyeing your spoon with hungry-puppy eyes, giving tastes of solid food might not be a bad idea.

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    Default Re: delaying solids till 1 year

    Agree with PP, watching your baby is the key. The real benefit is it does help with some fine motor skills(oicking up small things) but they can get that from other things. You will just have to make sure that LO is nursing often enough. We delayed solids until 9 months and she got them very few and between for about 2 months. I would say that my LO really started wanting to eat around 11 months.
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    lots of kids with tummy troubles will self regulate their solids intake well into thier 2nd year.

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