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Thread: how long will this take?

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    Default how long will this take?

    I have just started breast feeding again, after giving ebm and formula for almost two months. When my daughter nurses, she does not get enough since I had only been pumping about three times a day. When I pumped I got between 9 and 12 oz. each day. She seems like she is hungry all day, so I give her bottles too, until my milk supply is back up to where it needs to be to exclusively breastfeed. How long will it take for it to increase to meet her needs? When she is drinking from a bottle she takes about 24-30 oz. per day. - Kristen

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    Default Re: how long will this take?

    They normally say (and I am not an expert on this) that it can be as long as it's been since you stopped nursing. That doesn't make the most sense but for example, if you stopped nurings 4 weeks ago, it could take 4 weeks to get supply back to where it was.

    I recommend and SNS for you! Since DD latches, you want her to fully feed at your breast. The SNS allows for her to get her formula while sucking at the breast, instead of sucking a bottle. The sucking at your breast will help bring that milk supply back even faster!

    Also, look into getting some fenugeek and blessed thistle. You can get a combo pill (has those 2 and 2 other natural lactation boosters in it) from motherlove.com called More Milk Plus. It's costly but it works great and works very quickly.

    Congrats on your attempt to relactate for your little one!

    Best of luck!

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