I am getting better at pumping. ds#2 is getting ready for surgery. We leave in the morning. Flight leaves at 6am. We are going to chicago so i wont be on for a few days. He was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate (hes 4 now) and is having 2 holes closed behind his premaxilla (sp?) We are going to be at the Shriners Hospital for Children there. We will be getting back on saterday the 31st.
I am looking into getting some dom. Money is tight now.

I was reading your posts from a year ago. My dd does some of the same things at the begining(havent finished it yet, but i will) I think she smells my milk, she will lick it off too . sometimes bite.
But you know i wish she would latch on, but my main goal is to provide her with my milk. weather that be by her latching on or by getting it in her bottle,(i know she is almost 18mo but she loves her bottle)
OMG! I cannot belive she is going to be 18 mo june 6th WHERE DID THE TIME GO!