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Thread: Manual pump?

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    Default Manual pump?

    I keep reading/hearing that sometimes manual pumps produce better output. Can anyone recommend a specific pump?

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    Advent Isis worked great for me.

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    I just got a Medela Harmony for DS2 and I like it a lot.
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    I also had a Medela Harmony, and I loved it...until it quit working and I couldn't figure out the problem. I had to have a pump, so I upgraded to the Medel Swing, an electric pump, it's easier on the hand, but seems to take longer to pump. I definitaly liked my manual pump better.

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    Avent Isis. I find it great! I posted here just the other day that I got 5.5oz from one breast in one morning session I like it because it doesn't hurt (I bought a "the first years" manual pump and nearly ripped the nipple off myself before I found the Avent) and it's quite fast.

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    Medela Harmony is great. It doesn't hurt and i am able to get 3 - 5 oz every time from one breast. Only $35 too!

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    I my Avent Isis. I pump 3x's/day and manage an average of 4oz/session. 10 min. sessions.
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