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Thread: Teeth and Toothpaste?

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    Default Teeth and Toothpaste?

    My LO has her two bottom teeth now and I want to start brushing them, but I don't know what toothpaste to get. Any ideas? I want something Organic, safe for baby, and taste good.

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    Default Re: Teeth and Toothpaste?


    heres something from dr sears.

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    orajel has a little packet that comes with a tiny tooth paste and a finger brush. I t says it's flouride free and it taste good -not that I'm eating his toothpaste by any means . Try taking a trip to wholefoods, they have all organic baby stuff but I didn't notice anything for brushing your teeth (but that may be because I wasn't looking). I'll let you know when I go next time though bc it would be interesting to see what they have
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    We got the Weleda toothgel from Vitacost.com It changed tooth-brushing from an all out battle of the wills to a peaceful, fun experience for us. We were adament that we get a no-sugar added, no fluoride toothpaste.


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