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Thread: 4 Month Old Constipated

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    I have a 4 month old that is constipated. He is BF and has been on rice cereal for 3 weeks because our pediatrician said it would help with his acid reflux. We gave him a glycerin supp. yesterday and it did make him go but he is still straining. I also gave him a little gerber apple/prune juice still not really helping. What do you suggest? He will NOT take a bottle at all not even breast milk. I have to feed him cereal and the prune juice by spoon.

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    I would cut out the cereal and wait to re introduce when his poops are beter.
    IT could take a week or so..
    do you think the cereal helped with babies reflux?

    heres some info on that:


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    my lo got constipated when we introduced food. So we just went back to just breastmilk and started again later

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    I would stop the rice cereal. For us it did not help and just made the spit up chunkier. Finally by putting the twins on Prilosec we were able to get the reflux under control (They screamed 6-8 hrs a day from the reflux). We tried Zantac and Axid prior to the prilosec with a little bit of help. You may want to talk to the dr. about trying one of the meds.
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    I too would stop the rice cereal and anything else, but breastmilk, for that matter- as it clearly is having a negative effect on him...

    And what symptoms is he experiencing from the reflux? There are quite a few things that can be tried before having to go to meds (if you prefer not to give them)

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    Same thing here, I'd try Prilosec and stop the cereal. Prilosec worked great for us (took a week and a half, hang in there) and it was only once a day. Zantac was a nightmare, it was every 8 hours and the dose kept having to be adjusted. If at all possible, its best to avoid rice cereal or anything else until 6 months. It'll get the poops moving along asap too!
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