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Thread: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

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    Default no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    so my son is almost 8 months old...

    he was 7 lb 13 oz at birth
    now weighs 22 lbs

    -can sit up unassisted
    -no teeth yet - but it looks like two little nubs are pushing out on the bottom
    -can clap his hands as of yesterday (yeah!)
    -shows a LOT of interest when we're eating - and tries to take my food/drink etc.

    i'm exclusively BF - and have tried:
    -banana, avocado, cooked carrots, yogurt, applesauce, watermelon, cherries, potato, rice cereal, yams.

    he doesn't like any of the above. i've tried each multiple, MULTIPLE times. and he'll get a taste of it, and will simple close his mouth and turn away.

    i've tried it at different times of the day, and also before and after nursing in case that was the difference. Nope!

    but he LOVES our food. we are middle eastern and eat a lot of rice and stews (like lamb + veggies, or chicken + veggies, or beef + veggies) - and the veggies are like celery, eggplant, okra, ....parsley/mint etc. - a lot of variety.

    if i mash that up or food process it he will DEVOUR it. seriously.

    but i did it a few times to see if he'd like it and he loved it. but i am a little hesitant, b/c there are so many ingredients in our food (plus salt/pepper/spices/etc.) and i am afraid it's too much of an overload for him. too much salt...oil...etc. i am afraid he might be allergic to something or i might overwhelm his tummy.

    he is gaining weight, his diaper output is fine, and he is a big boy - i don't feel like he's malnourished.

    but is it ok to give him our table food once or twice a day (i am trying to avoid tomatoes, eggs, citrus of course) - mashed up? or is it too much?

    does anyone else have that problem - where your baby doesn't want single/simple "bland" foods? i personally LOVE banana/avocado etc...haha. and don't think they are bland. but he is just so adamantly against them! i never expected this.

    and i am NOT trying to wean yet -- i was aiming for 1-2 small meal a day - and maybe in a month - 2-3 small meals a day.

    any thoughts? his next pedi. appt. is next week so i'm going to talk to her. i just feel kind of alone here b/c i see so many moms w/ applesauce...biscuits..bananas etc. and i'm like, ok, my kid won't eat that. i feel strange!

    WAHM and exclusively breastfeeding my naturally born son since 9/25/07.

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    Default Re: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    The "baby foods" you tried, were they pureed or did you try cutting into small chunks? I ask because I've heard of babies hating purees but liking the same food in chunks. In fact, come to think of it, mine won't eat pureed green veggies, but will go to town feeding himself the same food cut up. He's 9 months. If it were my baby, I'd first start off trying to make my way through the "safer" foods in chunks, if he's not interested in them and likes the more flavorful foods and if there were no allergies in the family I would just go for it. Frankly, the risk of allergies is pretty small and if you do encounter one, I think you will likely be able to isolate the ingredient that was new in that day's food. Good luck! Also, have you tried bananacado? I often give that to my lo when we go to a mexian restaurant, I bring a banana, order avocado and mash it all together. It's really good! Then I give him fajitas and beans and everything. Mine loves to eat!!

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    Default Re: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    Oddly enough, some babies seem to positively enjoy spiced/highly flavoured foods. I know mine does. If you think about it, he's been 'tasting' these interesting flavours in your uterus since conception, these things get into the blood. If you rub a cut clove of garlic on your ankle, you'll smell it on your breath later on! He's certainly been tasting them for real in your milk.

    I appreciate your worry about overloading his system especially with salt. Is there a way you can cook him a seperate portion? I do this with my son. Have a little pan on the stove and chuck his portion in as I get to the point in cooking where the food becomes baby unfriendly (adding salt or something else...dairy for him at the moment)

    He pretty much eats what we do. We had Indian curry last night and I made him a seperate pot along side ours which he chowed down and it was spicy! He'll bite your hand off for falafel too. The more onion, garlic, cumin, coriander in a dish, the happier James is

    If he's eaten your food in the past on more than one occassion without ill effect, then the allergy issue is minimal. I'd just worry about the salt. The oil is much less of an issue, babies need fats and I assume you're cooking with vegetable oil so it's not going to harm him.

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    Default Re: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    any food allergies in your family?

    WE did mostly table foods with our last 3 babies it saves alot of work!
    Does he self feed?

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    Default Re: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    We did only table food with my son. I never pureed, boiled or peeled anything. It's totally possible. You just try new foods at the beginning of the day so you have time to see a reaction if there is one, and only try new things ever 2-3 days....and then move to ever other, and then you look up and you have a TON of stuff you know is safe. Just use the guidelines here or at KellyMom about stuff to hold off on until after the year point! Good luck!

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