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Thread: question about baby nurse's advice on breastfeeding nb

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    Question question about baby nurse's advice on breastfeeding nb

    I have a 2 week old baby, and while I was in the hospital after delivering her I requested that an LC come to see me b/c I had questions and the baby wasn't latching properly. The nurses laughed off my request and I came home with sore and bleeding nipples. The baby nurse we hired told me to pump for a couple of days until I healed, and we fed the baby bm out of bottles. When I went back to actually breastfeeding her, the baby nurse suggested that I 'top her off' with an oz or so of expressed milk, to make sure she was getting enough and gaining weight. So now I breast feed several times a day and the baby gets expressed milk a couple of times a day (so dh can feed her), but she's eating about 3oz of expressed milk and I have no idea how much she's getting when she nurses. has anyone been in this type of cycle? Do I stick with it or try and change it? I won't give up giving her breast milk, that's not where I'm going with this post - - I just don't know if we're going about this the right way.

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    Default Re: question about baby nurse's advice on breastfeeding nb

    Sounds like a rough start! How do your nipples feel now?

    I think it is possible your baby nurse was operating off old information. There is no need to top off a breast fed baby. If your baby comes off the breast asleep or relaxed your baby is most likely full. Their tummies are very small at this age, it is one of the reasons we suggest frequent feeding and following your baby's demand. If your baby is still rooting around after the first breast, and the breast is feeling empty, simply switch to the other side. After two and your baby still is rooting or cuing for more, switch back to the other one. It's good for the breast to understand how much milk is required. The emptier your breast the faster it fills back up. Here is a link to understanding milk production: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/milkproduction.html

    It is hard to understand how much milk your baby is getting while breastfeeding. It can be a scary time when you are learning to trust your body!

    By counting wet diapers you can be sure that your infant is getting enough milk. At two weeks you want a minimum of around 6 wet diapers ( more for cloth) and 2-3 poops per 24 hours.

    What are you seeing now?

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    Interesting. We're seeing a lot of output, no problems there
    She's been eating every three hours, more or less. When I bf, she usually does about 10 minutes on one breast, then I burp her, and then she'll do 10 minutes on the other breast. Most of the time, she'll go back for another 5 minutes or so on the first breast and then fall asleep. Today she went for another 10 minutes on the first breast and has been sleeping since and I didn't need to 'top off' with an extra oz of expressed milk. I think as she grows and becomes more efficient she and I will get the hang of this thing. Thank you for responding and for being supportive!

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