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    I just wanted to say hi as I will be joining this forum now that dd turned 1 year old a week ago!! She still nurses every 2 hrs during the day and a few times at night and that is ok with me for now.

    I was wondering however if it would be ok to start having daddy and grandma (who watch her while I am at work) give her fewer bottles of ebm and more solids during the day? She would still be able to have unlimited access when we are together, but I am finding it difficult to make enough bottles for her recently. We do BLS so she does not eat very many solids, but enjoys what she does eat.

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    I think it would be fine to start "pump weaning" i.e. letting go of pumping ebm during the day and replacing it with other healthy foods/drinks, if that's what you want to do.
    Congratulations and to your LO!


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    I am in the process and almost done with pump weaning, he has just started eating more during the day and it has not affected our nursing relationship (expcept he gets more excited and immediately wants to nurse upon pick-up)

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    I pump weaned when LO turned one and everything turned out fine! Happy birthday baby!
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    Congrats on making it to a year!

    I agree that it's okay to start to cut back on EBM while you're away and give more solids. Here's a great link that I was referred to on toddler nutrition and breastfeeding. It's got a lot of info on what and how much toddlers need, including nutrition that comes from your milk.

    I started the process of pump weaning when my DD turned one. Now I don't pump anymore while at work (3 days a week), but she still nurses while we're together. It's worked well for us.
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    I started to wean off the pump at 11 months and was done by 12. Used the last of my frozen stash and that was that. DD was thrilled to drink water during the day and I was thrilled to pack up the pump
    Good Job on the 1 year mark mama!

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    I haven't made it to the one year mark but I pretty much plan on pump weaning and replacing with healthy solids
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    baby and mom!!!

    I haven't pumped but once in 2 months or so and LO turned one on the 8th of May. Of coarse I am a SAHM so we don't do EBM. We do offer water in a sippy cup when I am away and at the dinner table. We haven't replaced any BF sessions with foods, just added them in between or after BF.
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