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Thread: Cereal a waist??

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    Default Cereal a waist??

    I have heard different things on giving rice cereal. do you dont you. i gave it to my dd and have been giving it to my son mostly just cuz i was thinking it would fill him, i never hav given it to him directly i mix it with veggies and friut and stuff. am i waisting my time?? i have heard it a empty calorie?? true??

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    My husband and I decided early on that our little guy would eat from our table, which means if we don't eat it, we won't feed it to him. We have a pretty good, varied diet. We both enjoy cream of rice cereal, especially on cold Saturday mornings. So, we have let j. try some. His doesn't have milk or salt added to it, but we make it for him just like we make ours. I used to be able to get the brown rice version, but lately, I can't find it.

    That's why we do, but he doesn't get much or often cuz it stops him up.
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    Here is a chart that shows the nutritional value of many different foods that are good starter foods for baby.
    This might help you make your decision on what you'd like to feed your LO! Also here is what LLL says about starter foods.

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