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Thread: how fast does a new born nurse ?

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    Default how fast does a new born nurse ?

    I have read that newborns usually have a pattern of 3-4 sucks and swallow. But mine sucks and swallows rapidly.

    She seems to be getting about 2 ounces in 3-4 mts. How do I know this ? I testweighed her. Her weight increased about 3 ounces in 3-4 mts and that is about 2 fluid ounces of my BM.

    Is this to be expected ?
    I was told to nurse about 20 mts or so but we never get that far with just nursing. It does go on to be about an hour because she drops off after about a minute and is milk drunk, rolling eyes etc., and suddenly wakes up and does another minute or so and pops off again. This goes on for a while.

    I am concerned my LO is not getting enough because she is constantly hungry if she is awake she wants to feed. Its an entirely different matter that even if she is hungry she does not latch on properly sometimes

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    Default Re: how fast does a new born nurse ?

    how old is your LO? hows LOs wet/poopy diaper count? 6+ wet and 3-4 poopy will tell you if LO is getting enogh. how many times does LO nurse in a 24 hr period? 8-12 is the amount youre looking for. the first 2-3 weeks with my LO was difficult keeping her awake during feedings. id change her diaper, take off clothing, turn on lights, tickle feet, ice cube on the foot...anything to keep her awake during feedings! my LO seemed to nurse ALL THE TIME the first few weeks. as they get older, they become more efficient eaters. plus babies tend to cluster feed during growth spurts...you could be experiencing that as well. sounds pretty normal to me! keep up the good work mama!
    if you are having latch problems, i recommend you see a LLL leader or a LC. baby may not be getting enough if not latched properly. GL!

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    Default Re: how fast does a new born nurse ?

    I would say that as long as she is having plenty of wet & poopy diapers she is fine. Remember that their stomach isn't much bigger than their fist so 2-3 oz isn't bad (my 10 mo old still only usually takes 3-4 oz at a time). Also remember that breastmilk breaks down faster than formula so breastfed babies tend to eat more times a day.
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    Default Re: how fast does a new born nurse ?

    How old is your LO? Are there enough wet and poopy diapers each day? Weight gain ok? If so, then there's no reason to worry about how long she's nursing because the output and weight gain would indicate that she's getting plenty to eat. Some babies, like mine, are just efficient eaters. Others like to linger or just like the contact and drag it out. The LC recently told our b/f support group that normal for b/f babies can be anywhere from five to 20+ minutes per side.

    My LO has that milk drunk look, too. She's a sleepy eater and can sometimes only go a minute or two before I have to start harassing her to stay awake and finish. Sounds like your LO is happy at the breast. Keep up the good work!
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