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Thread: Poo color ?

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    So I noticed in the last couple of days my LO has had just a hint of green mixed in with the normal yellow mustard seedy poo. It's not a lot by any means but enough for me to wonder if she's getting my hind milk less than the fore milk. (spelling) Like I said it's not a lot but I can see some green mixed in. It almost looks as little tiny pieces of lettuce if she were to have eaten that. lol I never realized how much I'd inspect or discuss poo after having a baby. Just was curious to see what y'all said.


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    I am not sure about the hind milk or fore milk, hopefully some other mama's in here can help you. I know that we went through a couple of poopy diapers like that and I was concerned as well, but everything was okay. It happened right before our 2 month check up so I was able to ask dr about them and he told us that as long as it wasn't every diaper and she seemed to be doing okay otherwise not to worry that they will sometimes get them.
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    green and frothy can mean that the baby is getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk, but the colour green can be quite normal. Babies poo has a rainbow of acceptable colours

    Usually a milk imbalance is goes hand in hand with an oversupply issues. Here's a link for oversupply LINK

    And here's a link for the various colours of poo: LINK

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    Could be that, or it could be something you ate. I had 1/2 avocado the other day at lunch and LO's poop was green that night. The next day all was back to mustard yellow.
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    Thanks for the replies. I talked to the LC and she basically said what y'all just said. I now remember eating a HUGE salad so maybe the greens did that. How odd that it can do that I never thought it could....

    I agree with whom ever said babys poo is like rainbow!!!!!!

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