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Thread: Reduced Feeding Time Already?

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    Default Reduced Feeding Time Already?

    My LO will be 2 weeks tomorrow. Up until yesterday, she was feeding for 25-40 min on each side. Always feeding from both sides.

    As of yesterday, she started feeding only 15-25 min on each side...sometimes only on one side. Yesterday afternoon she 'cluster fed' for about 4 hours, but even at night/in the middle of the night she had reduced feeding time on each side.

    Diapers have been fine. She continuously outputs exactly 6 wets each day and about 5-6 poopy diapers.

    Is it normal for a newborn this young to reduce feeding time already?

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    Default Re: Reduced Feeding Time Already?

    You're watching diapers, which is good! Keep an eye on those and as long as they seem OK, I'm sure your LO has just gotten much more efficient. Both my DD's reduced their feeding times very quickly. DD2 is 6 months and has never taken more than 20 minutes to eat. About 90% of the time she's done in about 10 minutes & only nurses off one side. She's a snacker, though & eats several times.
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    Default Re: Reduced Feeding Time Already?

    Sounds like the output is good with all those wet and poopy diapers, so the input must be good, too. Babies become more efficient nursers as they get older. Maybe that's what has happened here. My daughter does each breast in 7 minutes or less, so her nursing time is 15 minutes plus burp time. She cluster feeds in the evening, but that's more due to my low flow/low milk than her preference, I think.

    You're doing a great job! Keep it up.
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    Default Re: Reduced Feeding Time Already?

    My son has never BF more than 4 minutes after the first few weeks when he was constantly attached to my breast. I think they get pretty efficient once they get the hang of it. As long as your baby is growing well and has enough wet diapers don't worry, no need to watch the clock.

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