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Thread: reducing gas in newborns?

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    Default reducing gas in newborns?

    My 11 day LO has a ton of night time gas. I burp her between breasts and after each feeding but about 20 minutes after laying her down she gets fussy fussy and just the action of picking her up gets her to release a belch a jr high boy would be quite proud of.

    I've been keeping track of what i eat and so far nothing jumps out as being part of a pattern.

    Any ideas? I'd like her to sleep (hence me sleep) and not be in gas pain b/c I know that is miserable. We have both gripe water and the gas drops that begin with an S (Can't remember the name) but I don't want to always be using those....

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    Default Re: reducing gas in newborns?

    The gripe water sometimes doesn't work. It's got fennel in it, and sometimes that has the opposite effect. The Gas drops (simethicone) do work, but have to be given often. It won't hurt her.
    Lay your baby down on her back and help her expel that gas. Rub her belly counterclockwise and "bicycle" her legs, then push them up into her belly, bending the knee. She may not like it, yet it will help expel the gas.
    She could be a little colic-ie. There's not much to do for that except have patience, walk and carry her. I've given a dose of tylenol when the gas pains are so bad.
    I give the gas drops with every feeding. My son even knows when he gets them, food is coming next!! It will help. As well as the belly massage. Newborns are notorious for huge gas bombs. It's their immature digestive system. I know everyone says to lay babies back to sleep, but mine is a belly sleeper. Mebbie try laying her on her belly during the day and see what happens. Hang in there momma!! It WILL get better!!


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    Default Re: reducing gas in newborns?

    Aahh...I remember those days, and my LO is only 7.5 wks old. Newbies just sometimes have A LOT of gas. Their digestive systems are immature and are sensitive to so much. Sounds like you're doing a good job and trying to look at your diet for any offenders.

    We did tummy massage, on her belly for burping, bicycle kicks, and gas drops to no avail. We got lucky experimenting with my diet the days that I eliminated leafy green vegetables and green beans. After that, very little gas! Those food items were not on any list I had seen of foods to avoid while b/f, but they seem to upset my LO's tummy. Tomato sauce, like for pasta, creates gas for my LO, too. Go figure. So, for now, I'm eating fewer vegetables and no salads and it's helping immensly.

    Try the gas drops, like Mylicon or Gas-X, and see how that goes. Other than that, if there's nothing in your diet that can be pinpointed, it may just be something that your LO has to grow out of as the digestive track matures.

    hang in there....this too shall pass
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