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Thread: Teething Question?

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    I'm posting here because my LO is 12 1/2 months. Has anyone ever encountered swollen lymph nodes while teething? I think they are swollen nodes, they are two little bumps right next to each other on the back of her neck on the left side. She got them a couple times when she first started teething, and of course I would always forget to ask my pedi. I just want to check with the mommas before I call the doctor. She's been really tired too. She has four top teeth, maybe getting a fifth, and two bottom teeth with two more that just broke through. Any advice would be great. Oh, and no fever and not really cranky anymore just tired. Thanks.
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    I haven't seen it in my son. But if your daughter had it before with teething and there were no problems, it just may be something your daughter does with teething. Although, shooting a ? to the doc never hurts.
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