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Thread: Coughing spell / throwup - only at night after nursing?

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    Default Coughing spell / throwup - only at night after nursing?

    What's the deal with this? LO (14 mo) has had a slight cold for a couple of weeks now - with a cough. The cough comes and goes, but usually the worst the last couple of days has come in the middle of the night - right after she's woken up and nursed off one side - then she coughs - almost like she's doing it on purpose and then semi gags and half throws up on me - it's a little more like vomit than spitup although not the entire contents of her stomach by any stretch.

    Then, after cleaning up, I'll feed her off the other side and she will cough a little but go back to sleep and cough off and on for another 1/2 hour or so - seemingly in her sleep... Then peaceful sleep until morning.

    Any ideas on this? I'm baffled. I don't understand why coughing is worse at night - and only in the middle of the night - and after nursing?

    I can't believe I'm asking, but is nursing causing this???
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    Default Re: Coughing spell / throwup - only at night after nursing?

    It's probably not the breastfeeding mama.

    It sounds like she might have some phlegm couched up that triggers her gag reflex. btdt.

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