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Thread: slippery nipple, reflux

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    Default slippery nipple, reflux

    I am having a terrible time getting my 3 week old daughter to breastfeed. At first it was latching difficulties and sore nipples, she had a strong suck they said at the hospital.
    Somewhere along the line they had me pump after every feeding and I thin now I have an oversupply. If my LO is very hungry she latches on quite readily, nurses for a few minutes 3-5 and then slumps into a stupor. I know she is not full because if I put her down in the crib she will shake awake and make hungry faces, root etc., but I cannot get her to latch on after that. My nipple seems to be very soft and not pointy at that time. She tries very hard and opens her mouth really wide but it does not seem to help.
    Also on the initial latch, my let down is quite a bit, so she clamps down on the nipple or pulls back to the tip and paces herself.
    I dont know how to make my nipples more latch friendly and less slippery... I dont even know if this is a legitimate problem...
    BTW she also has reflux and is on zantac now for 3 days
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    Default Re: slippery nipple, reflux


    sounds like you have OALD. There is a section on having too much milk further down the forums page. Are you anxious about feeding? Your LO could pick up on this. It's quite normal for them to get really sleepy after nursing. I was told to rub their bottom and this gets them to nurse again. You may want to "prepare" your nipple before you get her/him to nurse by rolling it between your fingers...get it to stand up on it's own, and then express a bit of milk from it and rub this on LO's lower lip.

    I don't have much else to add, except check out the forum on "Too Much Milk".
    Hang in there mama!! It does get better!! You're doing a great job!!!

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    Default Re: slippery nipple, reflux

    For an OAL, my LC recommended pumping for five minutes before feeding to reduce the flow. I have also had to wipe off my nipple and LO's mouth with a towel to help with the lsippery nipple issue.

    Good luck, and hang in there!
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