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Thread: 8 months old and teething bisquits?

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    Default 8 months old and teething bisquits?

    So my 8 month old still doenst have teeth. My sister recommend giving him teething bisquits since he wants to chew on everything else. I had feared that once the bisquits became soft , chunks would break off and he would choke. She assured me that this doenst happen...the bisquites merely dissolve. I treid it and my fear came true...he sucked on the biquit for about 2 minutes before a chunk broke off and he began gagging/coughing..I fished the peice out of his mouth and that was the end of that.
    When should I begin to give him such things?
    He eats pureed food and loves it. I tried to give him cheerios that had been soaked in milk to soften them but they still seemd to be a choking hazzard to him.
    He sits up fine but still doesnt crawl. He wants to use his hands when taking a bottle and always grabs for the spoon when eating. He has just stated to use a sippy cup too.
    Any advice on this?
    Also, I'm not sure how much to give him as far as pureed food.
    He still has his milk on schedule ..every 3-4 hours. Should I give him solids at this time too?

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    Default Re: 8 months old and teething bisquits?

    Here is a great site for all sorts of food questions:


    Also, as far as the teething biscuits/finger foods go, I think every child is different. My pedi said our dd could have them at 6mos, but she was just getting ready to cut 2 teeth, don't know if that was part of it, but I doubt it. The gerber puffed wheels are good- I tried those first, big enough to hold, but they dissolve a lot faster than most other things. My dd likes the carrot & cheese flavor.
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    Default Re: 8 months old and teething bisquits?

    I agree with the wagon wheels, They dissolve fairly fast and ear easy to hold. gerber puffs are a great choice too! They dissolve almost instantly. Much much faster than cheerios.

    I would feed pureed foods at every meal that you eat. Whenyou have breakfast, give him some. We always did fruit for bfast. Same thing when you eat lunch and dinner. Then he will get in the habit of eating meals. I woul dfeed him and if he eats, let him eat as much as we wants. Even if you have to make more.

    As for crawling-my LO didnt sit up on her own until she was almost 9 months old. She didnt crawl until she was 12 months and 1.5 weeks.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: 8 months old and teething bisquits?

    My LO is 9.5 months, and just now is accepting the puffs without gagging. I'm trying some other textures too, but he isn't too into it yet. He sometimes eats cereal in the morning, cereal and a 4 oz fruit or vegetable at lunch and 4-6 oz fruit or vegetable at supper. Nurses or takes a 5 oz bottle of EBM about 6 times/day. He still doesn't crawl either. Loves to stand, but has always hated being on his tummy.

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