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Thread: feeding while im at work

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    Default feeding while im at work

    i will be going back to work in Aug. and my LO will be 4.5 months old. heres my concern...LO will drink from a bottlle but prefers the breast. after 3-4 oz oof ebm she thinks shes still hungry bc she eats from a bottle faster...if i do feed her more, shes then been overfed & spits up a lot. im using first years breast flow bottles. i stop her often during a bottle feedig to burp her & to try and slow her down...she gets so mad at this! shell scream and thrash around til the bottles back in her mouth. we both prefer bfing but i do a bottle here and there to get her used to them. any suggestions/advice. its bad enough having to go back to work but to worry about feedings while im away makes me sick.

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    Default Re: feeding while im at work

    Will she take a paci? If so you could pop it in right after and maybe she wont notice if she really just wants to suck and its truly hungry.
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    We use a paci right after she is done with the bottle too. I think she just wants to suck longer than it takes to drink from the bottle. If she won't take the paci, we use our pinky for her to suck on a bit and then switch to the paci.

    Make sure you hold her like you would if you were breastfeeding too. I made sure my husband knew to hold her and not just lay her down and feed her and will make sure the babysitter knows too.

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