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Thread: white noise?

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    We use a fan. I've always had a fan in my room, even in the winter, so it helps me sleep. Now that Nora's got her own bed, she got her own fan, too.
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    I found MP3 singles of white noise on amazon for 0.99 that you download.
    I bought a single track of fan noise (60 min. ). I just hit the repeat button on the cd player and it plays all night.

    Works like a charm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CmasEveMom View Post
    I've had some friends use those cheap-o little oscillating fans and just point them toward a corner or something if it was already cool in the room.
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    wow! thanks for all the great suggestions/recommendations, mommas!
    i'll be looking into,....well.....all of them, further.

    hope you don't mind, but i might pm some of you for some specific questions.
    thanks again!

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    I got a white noise/nature sounds machine at Bad, Bath and Beyond. It was about $20.00.
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