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Thread: 6-month old distracted when eating

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    Question 6-month old distracted when eating

    it's been awhile since i've posted since things have been going pretty well w/ the BF and working situation. (FYI: she turns 6 months at the end of this month) the only thing is lately, my LO has been very distracted during BF and i wonder if she's eating the same amt. since she doesn't eat as long or as "thoroughly". she seems content despite her being distracted but is this a phase at this age? i try to get her to eat for at least 15 min/ side. she does the whole, suck, stare, turn away, and back to sucking routine. it's kinda funny but i wonder when to stop or know she's done if she apparently isn't giving me the cues since she's distracted.

    we're also going to start her on solids in a week and i'm freaked out about that since it's been so easy to feed her w/ EBF. do u think it's also okay to start trying to give her water since it's so dang hot where i'm at and would like to add fluids for her??

    Thanx for any input u can give...
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    Default Re: 6-month old distracted when eating

    I can't really help with any of your problems as I'm going through the exact same thing, but have you considered a nursing necklace? I have one coming in the mail this week and I am hoping it will help with the distractions. Maybe someone on here has one and can give us some feedback. I have heard for some people they are great and keep LO interested while nursing.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: 6-month old distracted when eating

    Mine was very distracted at that age too. I found nursing in private helped since she would pop off at any little disturbance. I think if shes hungry she will eat. It might take a little longer sometimes since she keeps coming off. But I wouldn't worry.

    As for water I think mine was about 8 months when I gave water in a sippy. I think I would just watch that she doesn't fill up on water instead of BM.

    Also as babies get older they get more efficent at getting milk from the breast and become quicker eaters. I was feeding mine at about 6 months with a friends who was a newborn and after about 10-15 min she popped off and didn't want more and my friend was like.. thats it?? I said yup shes quick.

    So it might be a combination of being fast and distracted. I'd try somewhere quiet and also keep putting her on and if she keeps reffusing I guess shes done. As long as she keeps having wet diapers and gains weight I wouldn't worry.

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    Default Re: 6-month old distracted when eating

    Hi! My son is almost 6 mos old as well and he became distracted as early as 4 months! I agree that you'll have to find a private place with no sounds anywhere nearby. I also turn on some background/white noise sometimes when he's eating (like the fan or music). The constant whirring of the fan keeps his mind steady.
    And it's true that maybe she is such an efficient nurser that only a few minutes will fill her up. After all, she's had 6 months to train herself how to nurse properly! I agree that as long as she has enough wet diapers/poopies then she is getting enough to eat. Or, you may just want to let her pull off if all other tricks don't work and feed her again in another hour or so until she's "calmed" down a bit.
    Good luck!

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