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Thread: only nursing on one side?

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    Default only nursing on one side?

    My LO is 11 days old. The LC at the hospital said that I should be nursing 15-20 min per breast. LO will eat for 20 min on one breast and falls asleep. I cannot get her to take the second breast. Is this ok as long as I start with the other breast the next feeding?

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    Default Re: only nursing on one side?

    First of all congrats on your new LO!!
    Second, welcome to the LLL!!

    Sounds like you have a great little nurser!! It's quite normal for them to choose only one side at a time. Use the other side at the next feeding. If you get engored in the meantime, either hand express or pump just enough to get the pressure off.
    You can break off the LO by inserting your finger alongside the corner of LO mouth and break the suction and then switch him/her to the other side.
    It's quite normal for them to fall asleep after nursing this young. You yourself may feel quite sleepy as well. This is completely normal!
    Best thing you can do is quit worrying so much about what is "supposed" to happen and concentrate on just feeding your LO. Feeding on demand is the route.
    Is your LO latching on well? It sounds like things are going just fine.
    Congrats on your LO and enjoy this time!! You are doing a good job mama!!!
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    Default Re: only nursing on one side?

    Yes, she is latching well. Sometimes it takes her a few tries, but she gets it. Thank you for putting my mind at ease. I have been switching LO after 10 minutes. I tend to worry too much about what I'm supposed to do. I know she's eating well because we have plenty of wet/poopie diapers. I'm glad I found LLL!

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