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Thread: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

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    Exclamation No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    I delivered my daughter 3 weeks ago today, she was 8 lbs and we were delighted to have her after years of trying and fertility treatments!
    She had to stay in the hospital an additional week after I was released and the advice I got from the hospital was not good I am finding out. She had lost a bit of weight so they started her on NeoSure high calorie formula.
    We never wanted her on ANYthing other than breastmilk but they told me it was needed.
    There was one day about 4 days after I delivered where my breasts felt "full" and I thought my milk was coming in but something is wrong. She will not nurse because there is not enough milk for her. She will latch for a few moments but then get frustrated. I am pumping as often as possible and am only getting a maximum of 1 ounce TOTAL from a 30 minute pump session.
    I have taken the FenuGreek supplement, got the bigger flanges for my pump, nothing is working. It is devestating to be unable to feed my child, I hate having to feed her formula. Can anyone help me?
    Thank you so much!!!

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    Default Re: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    Hi, congrats on the birth of your daughter!! I'm sorry you're having a rough start with BFing.

    The good news is you do have milk you just need to boost your supply. A lot of women, including myself, have had good luck eating 1-2 bowls of oatmeal a day. For some reason it works. How much fenugeek are you taking? I've heard if you don't smell like maple syrup you're not taking enough but I've never taken it myself.

    Your baby has gotten used to the instant gratification of the bottle and is probably getting frustrated at having to work at the breast. Some tips that might work:
    -always offer the breast before she is super hungry, try to catch the very begining of her hunger cues so she'll be more patient
    -you could pump a little just to get your milk flowing before you put her on the breast so she gets more of an instant response like the bottle
    -pump more often. BM is a supply and demand thing so you need to tell your body to increase the supply. Try to pump after every feeding or every 2-3 hours, whichever is soonest. This will help stimulate production
    -spend a lot of time with you topless and with your daughter dressed only in her diaper. Lots of skin to skin contact will help her feel closer to you and may incourage her to latch more often. This is especially good in a bath.

    http://www.llli.org/NB/NBmilksupplyissues.html here is a link with some more tips.

    Just keep trying, it'll take some work but you CAN do it and it'll be so worth it in the end

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    Default Re: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    Hi, momma! Congrats on your LO. They're precious at any time but especially so after a struggle to get them here, arent' they?

    My milk was low, too, beginning about week three. Just had nothing after about 10am and couldn't pump more than a 1/2 oz in the morning to be able to supplement. I had to rely on formula supplements a lot. I have been able to improve my production by doing the following, although I still have to give my daughter about 4-8oz of formula a day, mostly in the evening feedings.

    let the LO nurse as often as she wants
    nurse skin to skin (get the baby down to the diaper; mom naked from waist up)
    fenugreek - A LOT of it (I smelled yummy!)
    pumped 7 minutes after each major nursing session during the day (about five times per day; did not do the night feedings in order to get rest)
    drink lots of water
    had oatmeal every day for breakfast

    That worked to get me going. Eventually I had to do a prescription dose of Reglan (still taking it) to help things along more.

    Good luck, and keep working on it. It's definitely worth the effort...and even a few tears!
    Mom to Anna, March 28, 2008

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    Default Re: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    Can you tell us what type of pump you are using? Many pumps are not built for establishing a supply and made only to maintain your present supply. How often are you removing milk?

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    Default Re: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    I understand how frustrating it is to get so little from pumping. I've been there, done that - I had supply issues early on like you and was pumping 8X on day on top of having a newborn and trying to nurse as often as possible. It was overwhelming. I wanted to give up so many times! But eventually things got better and we weaned totally off the formula - I even had enough from pumping at work to donate some breastmilk. Now we're going strong breastfeeding at 16 months, and it's hard to believe he ever took any formula. So don't give up!

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    Default Re: No milk 3 weeks Post Delivery?!?!

    How is your lo receiving the supplement? If you have been using bottles you may want to look into using a supplemental nursing system. Like one of the pp's said it sounds like maybe your lo got used to the instant gratification from a bottle and is frustrated that she is having to work a little harder to get milk from you. The more you can get your lo to nurse at the breast the more it will signal your body to produce milk.

    This link has suggestions on ways to increase your supply:
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