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Thread: going back to work

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    Default going back to work

    I am getting ready to go back to work and I am concerned about finding time to pump. I have been trying to pump to save milk for my mother who will be watching my son but after he nurses I can't get very much milk...Any suggestions?

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    Check out the sections of "pumping" and "working and breastfeeding" forums located further down on the main forum page. Both of those are filled with lots of info. you may find helpful.

    As far as your questions - try pumping in the morning after a feed (supply is generally greatest in the morning). Also, it takes time for your body to get used to pumping... and when you are away from your baby you will be able to pump more. Other suggestions are try to feed on one side and pump on the other (takes practice but is possible).

    Have you worked out where you will pump at work, or how often you would be able to pump? Often it works best when you try to do whatever you can to make time to pump even if it is for a few minutes.

    Are you a teacher? I know I saw some posts in the working and breastfeeding forum before from teachers who tried to use their planning periods, etc. to pump - perhaps reading some other's experiences may help you come up with ideas for how you might be able to make it work out for you.

    Incase you have not seen it yet, I've found this site to be helpful:

    Good luck!

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    Thanks the site was very helpful and I'm going to chekc out the other forums!

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    oatmeal and water works for me! i am a teacher too & plan on pumping during my preps...just not sure where yet! GL!

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